Materials of insulated glass unit?

Glass panes:

An insulating glass unit consists of at least two panes of glass. Except normal float glass, other types of coated and laminated glasses may be used depending on the application to enhance the performance of the unit.


Frame, or the spacer bar, is the material used to separate the two glass panes in an insulated unit. Usually made of aluminium and filled with desiccant, it holds the unit together, provides thickness and mechanical resistance, and plays a key role in ensuring optimum performance of the unit.


Desiccants are used to remove any moister trapped within the IG unit. The different types of desiccants are silica, molecular sieve and zeolites.


Sealants are very important in the manufacture of insulating glass. They are easy to handle, efficient, safe and environment friendly. They are good adhesives, elastic and durable.

Filling (gas):

Dry air, gas like argon, vacuum are the three different types of fillings filled between the glass sheets .

What is insulating glass?

Insulating Glass, often called insulated glass, double glazing, is a combination of two or more panes of glass spaced apart with a aluminum spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air spaces in between glass panes. Insulated glass units improve the thermal performance, thus significantly reducing heating and air-conditioning costs. Insulating glass units also reduce interior condensation in cold climates, and increase comfort near windows, thus maximizing the usable interior space.

IG units can be fabricated to meet energy saving requirements, and sound control requirements. IG units can be designed to reduce heat loss and solar heat gain entering the building, with a minimal reduction of visible light transmittance.

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What is the most common types of insulated glass?

The most common types of insulated glass are those with multiple panes. Most insulated glass units are double-paned units, though some are triple-paned.

What is upvc windows production process?

To produce UPVC windows & doors, you need to follow seven production steps:

1.Profile cutting

2.Glazing bead cutting


4.Copy routing

5.End milling

6.Water slot

7.Corner cleaning

8.Reinforcement cutting

Can you send us the parts when the machine has something wrong?

Sure. The parts will be sent to you free of charges within the warranty period.

Can you manufacture the machine as our requirements?

Sure.As the working voltage of machines are different and if you have special requires about the improve of the machines, welcome to send us your suggestions to make your machine perfect.

Can you help us purchase related goods or other products?

Sure. We are very glad to heplp you purchase some related goods and delivery with your machine that save your cost.

Can you give away some parts of the new machines?

No problem. The parts that are easy to damage will be given away to you.Some test materials such as EVA film, PVB film will be also sent to you together with your machines.