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Chemical Furnace

Chemical Reaction Furnace for Processing Ultra-thin Glass

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This furnace improves glass surface composition is according to the plasma diffusion mechanism. let glass surface form pressure, its main characteristic is glass after processed has high strength, good themal stability, smooth in glass surface, not deformation, can cut, no explosive , simple production technology,high end-product rate, especially suitable for all kinds of ultra-thin tempering glass and bend glass.

Main use 

Electronic products glass: touch screen in mobilephone,computer screen, computer touch conductive glass, ultra-thin TV sets, view-finder glassion glass.

Home appliance glass:scanner glass, duplicating machine glass, ultra-thin cupboard glass, washing machine view-finder glass, plasma TV glass.

Optical glass: Ultra-photopermeability glass, ultra-toughened glass, ultra-smooth glass, ultra-thin tempering glass, watches glass, precision instrument lens .

 Technical performance

Product quality should meet the requiremens of “GB11614—1999” for float glass .

1. Glass basket size (H*L*W): 1200 x 2500 x 800mm

2.Glass thickness: 0.5—12mm  

3.Max. glass size: 1000 x 1000mm

4.Chemical manifold: AISI304 in material, 10mm for stainless steel, 1100 x 800 x 1000mm for the size (H * L * W)

5.Capacity: Product quality should meet the requirements of “GB11614—1999” for float glass:4-16 Batch/hours

6.Chemical reaction time: 4 -16 hours 

Main technical parameter  

1.Overall size (L x W x H):8m X 2.5m X 3m

2.Electricity power:380V 50Hz,3 phases,4 lines.

3.Installation power:100kW

4. Chemical manifold:60kW

5. Broil/slow cooling box: 40kW


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