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Sandblasting Machine

sandblasting glass, art glass, ice break glass

Horizontal Glass Sandblasting Machine  

High Quality High Efficiency Free Parts 

  • Type:SN1800 Horizontal Glass Sandblasting Machine
  • Feature -1. High efficiency : the amount of a glass sandblasting sandblasting machine can handle an average day equivalent of 80-100 skilled workers2. Low cost: use of glass sandblasting machine can greatly reduce production costs, such as saving sandblasting, management, materials, tooling costs and the plant covers 3. High quality: glass sandblasting machine can perfectly remove burrs products according to production requirements, and can deal with some special structure of the artificial products can not handle not produce damage4. Operation simply: After half an hour of ordinary workers skilled training to operate the machine, and advanced automatic control system prevents workers misuse. 5. High precision blasting: You can remove very small and discreet flash, without limitation product shape, high pass rate and stable quality sandblasting 6. Removes the complex structure: a small rubber fin alloy products of any shape, brittle plastics and magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy castings 7. Does not damage the product surface: improve product appearance quality, increase product life 8. Small footprint: a glass sandblasting machine just 10 square meters plus ancillary equipment.
  • Technical Data  - 1.Yield square per hour:50m²/h2.Max process glass size:1700mm 3.Min.Glass Size:200x200mm4.Glass Thickness:3-25mm 5.Power:4.1kW6. Weight:1600kg
  • Remarks: the systems can be designed and manufactured as your requirements.
sandblasting glass, art glass, ice break glass

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