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Low E Deletion Machine

Horizontal Low E Deletion Machine

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Type:SN1600ED-2S Semi-Auto Double Heads with air flotation Low E Glass Edge Deletion Machine


The machine is mainly used to remove coating on the coated glass around the insulating glass layer to meet the require of doing, using the adjacent on both sides of the same time, inter manbrane,high production efficiency,in addition to film width,thickness adjustable,PLC control the whole paragraph.Glass aircraftidentification after the photoelectric switch automatically starts grinding wheel,according to glass size automatically shut down,equipped with air-cushion,vacuum system, to start with the wheel at the same time stop, in order to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

Technical Data 

1.Voltage:380V 50HZ(Customized)  


3.Max glass size:2000×1600mm

4.Min glass size:500x500mm

5.Glass thickness:3-20mm

6.Film deletion speed:20m/min

7.Machine dimension:2965x2310x1125mm


9. Package:Fumigation free wooden box(extra cost)

Package size:2975*2320*1150mm and weight 600kg. Delivery time is about 15 working days.

10.The air floating by wind blower

11.Grinding wheel width and diameter: width 15mm,diameter:160mm

Full Auto Vertical Low-E Deletion Machine

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1.Famous brand servo motors work together to realize precise location.The stripping width error is smaller than 0.5mm, and the stripping is completed uniformly,with no ripples,waves, or filaments.

2.The collocation of British Motion Trio from England Controller and Japanese Panasonic Motion system can realize superior performance.

3.It is capable for removing a curtain wall(step glass)film and scalene film with one operation.The deleting width for overlapped area is also adjustable.

4.Any shapes of glass can be monitored and processed automatically according to the input size. And there is no need to change the grinding wheel for irregular shapes of glass.  

5.It is equipped with a dust suction device to mitigate dust pollution.

6.The adoption of linear guide rail increases working accuracy

7.A grinding wheel is open for mechanical dressing to ensure clearer grinding.

8.The stripping speed is adjustable(as the different film types and expected stripping effect).

9.Low-E and coated glass can be identified automatically.

10.The seamless design of this machine matches all types of vertical insulating production line.The machine can obtain an automatic connection to an insulated glass production line,saving time and labor costs.

11.Automatically revising and correcting the correcting the grinding wheel.The grinding wheel’s feeding is automatically controlled by the motor to avoid wear on the grinding wheel and rollers.


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