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Glass Bevel Polishing Machine

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Full Auto Glass Bevel Polishing Machine

This machine is used for cutting and grinding of the flat glass’s bevel and bottom edge in bulk,combining bevel edge’s coarse grinding,fine grinding and polishing with bottom edge’s grinding in one time.Swing frame structures are forward and backward in synchronization.The clamp plate and middle splint are refined with 40cr materials,so their wear ability can reach an incalculable limitation.In addition, the motors for grinding heads adopt international famous brands.Overall,this is a practical beveling machine made up of good quality components.
Technical Data
Processing speed: 0.7-3.5mm/min
Minimum Processing size:60x60mm
Processing thickness:3-12mm
Bevel degree:0°-30°
Total power:21Kw
Occupying area:7000*1200*2500mm
Max width of bevel:50mm
Total weight:3500Kg

Processing Effect by Glass Bevel Polishing Machine

The video of glass bevel polishing machine


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