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SN3016GC CNC Working Center

The machine is the perfect solution to External and Inner Grinding and Polishing, Milling, Drilling, Writing and Drawing.Preferred Machine to process Auto-glass, Furniture Glass, Decoration Glass, Household Electric Application Glass.etc
1.The machine is a high-tech machining center,in a short time to complete a complex process and meet high quality requirements
2.The machine uses advanced ICAM system(same as Intermac’s), single interface for CAD and CAM,to achieve the dynamic management of each axis precise control and speed to meet the customers' working accuracy and quality requirements
3.It has automatic compensation function which can compensate the wastage of wheels while processing so that it can ensure the excellent quality
4.Water jet has some features like high processing cost,easy to scratch.But glass working center protects tools by means of software so that it can reduce the processing cost and obtain high efficiency.

Processing Effect by CNC Working Center


Head Office:No.703.Room,20# Block,Mingquanchunxiao community,Tianqiao zone,Jinan City,Shandong Province,PRC.

Factory:Dingzhuang Industrial Park,Tianqiao zone,Jinan City,Shandong Province,PRC.

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