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Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

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Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

Technical Data
​1.The washing part was welding by stainless steel ,it is high strength and shape will not change ;the top parts made from  stainless steel ; the bottom is made from  stainless steel ,the lateral is made from stainless steel.
2.OMRON recognization system for low – E glass, it can know if it is the coating side of the low-E glass.if it is Low_E glass the hard brushes will avoid damaging the coating of glass.
3.Two anti-temperature brushes, diameter is 180 mm. four sprayer, high speed, glass washing clean, speed is about 10-12m per minute.
4.The spring is stainless steel and can adjust 3-18 mm for different thickness of glass.
5.All parts contact water include the axle in the washing machine is stainless steel,copper or waterproof aluminum,nylon and so on, it will not rust for long time running ,and easy to maintain.
6.Gear driving system take chain reaction so it will not leave the original position after long time running.
7.Dry part frame is stainless steel will not dirty the glass second time,the circle wind also down the noise.
8.The circle hot wind down the noise come from the machine( in winter the hot wind temperature can reach 40 even no heating).
9.Stainless steel water tank + china top brand Guangdong Lingxiao stainless steel motor + water filter ,keep the water clean and no second time pollution.
Remarks:The above is 100% stainless steel and have other types such as SN2000WO-B,SN2500WO-B(please note that SN2500WO's working height 2440mm for delivery more easily). There are also common Open Top types such as SN1600WO,SN2000WO and SN2500WO(please note that SN2500WO's working height 2440mm for delivery more easily)


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