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High Effective  Multi-Function   Art Glass Low Cost   Easy Operation   Free Parts 

Stained Glass Processing Machine

1. double head high performance lifting platform makes the top and bottom glass easy to use and easy to operate. It saves labor and creates high benefit for customers
2.,free to switch colors, exquisite patterns, more convenient to use
A two-component AB glue structure using the 3. hybrid machine, enhance the adhesive adhesion, strong stereo feeling
4. specially designed needle structure, perfect smooth lines on glass
5. unique 1200mmx2400mm/1800mmx2400mm processing range, special size can be customized
6. platform lifting machine tool + crystal color line engraving machine using high quality guide, ensure the machine running smooth, durable
7. high performance drives, greatly improving the carving precision and speed, with high speed and uniform motion in 10m/ minutes
8. may pause at any time, stop urgently, increase or decrease speed, adjust knife pressure
9. general interface mode HP-GL G-Code, no computer operation
10. There are two types such as only drawing lines and both drawing and fill colors. 
11. advanced parts system
12. configure Schneider electrical leakage protection system
13. lines never fall off
14. high accuracy and low loss
15. compatible with multiple formats
16. Trinity NC device, XP operation interface
17. pairs of rail movement design, smooth, safe and reliable
18. lifetime free technical support 


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