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Autoclave Laminated Glass Line

High Effective  PVB, SGP or EVA Lamianted Glass   Easy Operation   Free Parts 

Autoclave Laminated Glass Line

​ High-pressure autoclave is key equipment to produce laminated glass. It can make glass laminated together solidly by heating,boost pressure and cool.etc process flow. The equipment is composed of the autoclave kettle body and control systems including heating system,cool system and heat preservation system.
I.Building glass (normal glass and tempering glass) such as:
a.EVA film building laminated glass was used for curtain wall, rain cover, daylighting roof, balcony guardrail, stair armrest etc.
b. Building arc-shaped laminated glass was used for curtain wall, rain cover, stand column, rotary stair etc.
c. Bulletproof glass was used for bank counter.
II.Art glass such as wired flowers glass, silk glass, colored laminated glass, main for silk decoration glass. Such as wardrobe sliding door, hanging sliding door, marble etc tempered glass.
III.New energy glass, such as solar photovoltaic glass, conducting glass, LED glass and electric heating glass lamp.
IV.Automobile Front windshield of automobile

The machine characteristic is: no need autoclave, simple operation, low energy, high efficiency, large yield.The line is suitable for Medium-sized enterprise and up.

a.Energy saving: power is 40% lower than the traditional high pressure vessel, the whole process is often shortened, energy saving is very significant. protection: according to the provisions of the process operation, the use of the provisions of the pad material, can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire.
c.Fast:fast type autoclave is faster than traditional autoclave.
d.Clean: no smoke pollution, no noise, to achieve cleaner production

Technical Data
Type:SN1500LP (Customized)
A.Automatically Loading glass table
B.Horizontal washing machine( use 1600 washer as a example)
C.Removable suction cups
D.Film laying machine
E.Roller press machine
F.High-pressure autoclave
The Processing flow:A→B→C→D→E→F

Glass Processing Effects

the production line can be customized if you have other requirements.


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