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 Double Glass Butyl Spacer Bar 

Also known as "hollow glass composite tape", it is a kind of high performance polymer composed of special formula. It is made by special technology. It is a new material for manufacturing hollow glass and inlaid glass. It includes: sealant, desiccant (hollow glass molecular sieve), aluminium partition; using hollow sealant to process hollow glass and mosaic glass can avoid many complex and complicated processes.
1. Good sealability: longer water vapor struction barrier such as water vapour.
2. Higher production efficiency: inserting angle is not needed. Rubber spacer can be bent randomly. Profiled insulating glasses in various shapes canbe fabricated;
3. Good air tightness: macromolecule agglomerant and tackifier guarantee excellent seal properity.aluminum strip fully obstructs the infiltration of water vapor;
4. High temperature resistance: macromolecule tackifier improves the high temperature resistant and High moisture resistant properties of insulating glass;
5. Low temperature resistance: the enclosed mixing of desiccant and butyl-rubber ensures that the insulating glass is not dewfall at -50 °C;
6. Ageing resistance: macromolecule raw materials, antideteriorant, ultraviolet absorber and shielded agent can effectively resist the attack of environmental extremes.

Please Find the Types as below.

The types of  Double Glass Butyl Spacer Bar(Can be customized)


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