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Stone Polishing Machine

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SN-1200SP Auto Stone Arc-Edge Polishing Machine

SN-1200SP Automatic Arc-Edge Polishing Machine, is an updated equipment in the view of the advantages & disadvantages of various edge rounding machines in the market. This machine possesses multiple functions,And the operation is easy,Convenient, Smooth and stable without much vibration & noises.The equipment for the ceramic,stone deep processing equipment, the machine can process staircase, foot line,45-degree bevel and so on.
Main Functions for marble,ceramic tiles,granite
Squaring,Chamfering,Edge rounding,Polishing,Slotting,45degree chamfering&polishing,Reversed angle chamfering, Stair steps
a. Full automation, The stable performance can free more hands to do something else.
b. Simple installation, Compatible to production line without too much revising to the machine.
c. Easy operation, Just a few hours' training is sufficient for operators to learn how to use.
d. Low maintenance cost, All the consumables, accessories and spare parts are in international standard.
e. Large amount of output.
f.Long Service life.

Technical Data
1.conveying belt:1pc
2. polishing head qty:14pcs/2=7set*1.5kw
3. polishing head dia.:95mm
4. straight flange squaring:1pc*3kw
5. straight flange squaring wheel:200mm
6. 30degrees squaring:1pc*2.2kw
7. 45degrees squaring:2pcs*2.2kw
8. 60degrees squaring:1pc*2.2kw
9. squaring wheel dia.:150mm
10. slotting:1pc*3kw
11. slotting saw blade:110mm
12. down chanfer grinding head:1pc*2.2kw
13. swing motor power:4kw
14. block motor power:0.75kw
15. working width:80-1200mm
16. polishing speed:3-10m/min
17. working thickness:6-30mm
18. total power:32.25kw
19. air pressure:5map


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