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Straight Line Edge Polishing Machine

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Full Auto Straight Line Edge Polishing Machine

It is suitable for straight line grinding and polishing, for flat glass of different thickness and sizes. Coarse grinding,fine grinding,polishing and chamfering can be completed in one time.The grinding heads have a powerful function to eliminate lines of glass,which can strongly improve the polishing brightness of glass.
Technical Data
1.Processable Glass Thickness:3-25mm
2.Chamfer Angle 45°
3.Processable Minimum Glass Size:60*60mm
4.Feeding Rate:0.7-7.0m/min
5.Installed Power:19.75kw
6.Floor Space:7000mm×1100mm*2500mm
7.Size of Host Machine:3600mm*800mm*1500mm
8.The numbers of wheels are 8,9,10.etc

Processing Effect by Straight Line Edge Polishing Machine


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