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Glass Cutting Machine

Laminated Glass Cutting Machine

High Effective More Precise Environmental Protection Free Parts 

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SN3826LC Semi-Auto Laminated Glass Cutter

Technical Data

a.Cutting accuracy≤±0.50mm
b.The diagonal accuracy≤1mm/m
c.Max cutting glass size:2440x3660mm
d.Min cutting glass size:100mm
e.Cutting glass thickness :3+0.38+3mm~10+3.04+10mm
f.Cutting efficiency:1 big piece/3-4min
g.Knife wheel life:3–5myriametre
h.Worker No.1-2

Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine with auto loading Sucker

High Effective  More Precise   Environmental Protection     Free Parts 

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SN3826SC Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine with auto loading Suker
Technical Data

a.Cutting accuracy≤±0.15mm
b.The diagonal accuracy≤0.15mm/m
c.Max cutting glass size:3000x3660mm
d.Min cutting glass size:30x30mm
e.Cutting glass thickness :3~19mm
f.Cutting efficiency:1 big piece/min(include loading,cutting and unloading)​
g.Worker No.1​​

 Tilting Glass Cutting and Breaking Table

High Effective Easy Operation Reasonable Price Free Parts

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SN4200TC Glass Cutting and Breaking Table

Technical Data

Max cutting glass size:3000x4000mm
Min cutting glass size:300x300mm
Cutting glass thickness :2~19mm
Working voltage:400V 50HZ(Customized)
​​Working air pressure:0.6mpa
Pneumatics cylinder for tilting:2-3sets
​Total Power:6kW​
​​Max tilting glass weight:450Kg
​Machine dimension:4200x3000x920mm
Worker No.1-2
Remarks:the machine have hydraulic power,pneumatic cylinder drive and mechanical power for your choice.

 Round Glass Cutting Machine 

High Effective Easy Operation Reasonable Price

round glass cutting , optic cutter ,mirror cutting

SN-350 Round Glass Cutting Machine

Technical Data

1.Equipped with one set of wheel and adjusting tools
2.PLC Programmable Controllers
Technical Parameters
1.Speed: 1000mm/s
2.Transmission speed: 1000mm/s
3.Cutting diameter: 5-360mm
4.Thickness: 0.5-10mm
5.Precision: ≤±0.1mm/m
6. Air pressure: 3-4kg/㎡
7. Power: 1kw
8. Driver system: stepper and belt transmission
9.Cutting seat: air pressure and spring.
10.Positioning: close to switch, signal controlling positioning
Mechanical Parts
1.transmission belt: GB transmission belt
2.Cutter wheels/clip: imported material processing
3.Tabletop: cast iron
4.Spline shaft (sets) , etc.  


Processing glass types 

Glass, architectural glass, decorative glass, home appliances glass, lamp glass, ultra white float glass, ultra-thin glass, art glass.etc

 Glass Cutting Machine Production Line 

High Effective  Full Automatic  High Precision  Free Parts 

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SN4028FC Full-Auto Glass Cutting Machine Production Line

Machinery Configuration

1.SN-4028 Full-auto glass double-arms and single position loading machine
2.SN-4028 Full-auto CNC glass cutting machine
3.SN-4028 Full-auto air-cushion glass breaking machine


Technical Data

I.SN-4028Full-auto glass double-arms and single position loading machine
The max Loading glass size: 3700mm * 3700mm * 900mm
Loading glass thickness: 3—19mm
Loading cycle: 40—70s (adjustable)
Loading weight: 1500kg
Machine height: 850—950mm
Transfer speed: 0—45m/min
The machine power: 9KW/380V/50HZ(customized)
Loading deep:700mm​ 


II.SN-4028 Full-auto CNC glass cutting machine

Cutting thickness: 3-25mm
Cutting accuracy :< 0.20mm/m
Cutting speed: 0-180m/min (adjustable)
Equipment dimension: 5000mm * 3800mm * 900mm
Table-board size: 3700mm * 2800mm
The max cutting size: 3660mm * 2800mm
Driving system: X-Y-Z axial by servo motor (made in Japan YASKAWA )
Cutting wheel holder: cutting wheel 360 rotation,
Glass location: Red-X Scanning , transfering belt
Oil supply: automatic oil injection
Conveying: air-cushion (floating) and transfering belt
Operator: one person 


III.SN-4028 Full-Auto Air-Cushion Glass Breaking Machine 

Table-board size: 6500mm * 3500mm * 1100mm
Breaking pole: the shape like “十”and including gas pump​
Power: 4.4kw
Table-board: black felt made in Corea
Table top plate: high-standard fire and water resistant board
Irregularity< 0.20mm/m​​
Other types have SN2621FC cutting line and cutting machine,SN6133FC cutting line and cutting machine.etc ​​


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